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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy lets you to know how we handle your data and what you can do about it. Last updated on September 13th, 2022
[Actions that collect data]
[Data Collection & Processes]
  • Security can fetch user, server, channel, role and message data. User and Server data (name/ID) are sent with your bug and suggestion submissions for security reasons. If a user is deemed malicious and abusing the commands, the data is used to blacklist the user (or entire server) from the bot. Any commands, buttons or menu selections pressed will never store/save/cache any data inside or outside the bot for any reason.
  • The /bug and /suggest global commands store your UserID and ServerID with your bug and/or suggestion submissions only for command execution. Once the message with said information is deleted, the information is gone out of the bot until the next execution.
  • The /ban and /unban commands can log some data about a user in a server channel but is never stored in the bot!
  • The /whois command will never store any information. However, this action will fetch public user information before throwing it away after execution.
  • When a user verifies themselves (only with server verification logs enabled by staff), user creation date, server join date and user DM status (open/closed) are logged to let staff know if the user was alerted of successful self-verification and is never stored in the bot! -No user information is ever stored in the bot upon verifying.
  • In the rare event of a user being blacklisted, the users' ID will be stored to ensure the user cannot use the bot anymore. - This information is not intended to be used for anything other than this purpose!
  • Terms & Policy acceptance system must store the User' ID in order for the bot to recognize the acceptance of our terms. - This information is not intended to be used for anything other than this purpose!
The data that can be collected/fetched in the bots actions, include the following:
• Username
• User ID
• User Account type (human/bot)
• If user is admin or server owner
• User creation date
• Status of DMs (open/closed)
• Users highest/lowest roles in said server
• User Permissions in Server
• Server ID
• Server Name
• Server region
• Server Moderation Level
• Server creation date
• Server Emojis
• Server Channels
• Server Roles
The bot has an optional feature regarding server member verification which can log a few bits of data about a member after they have been verified. This data consists of creation date of user, date the member verified themselves and status of DMs (open/closed). This is only so server Administrators and Owners can get to know who has been verified into their server. This data is never stored within the bot, nor is it stored anywhere outside of discord. Logs are solely stored in the logging channel set by an Admin within said server. You can request access to and/or the deletion of your data at any time by contacting an Admin/Owner.
[Data User Access & Disclaimers]
  • The only data we store in the bot may be your User ID, to ensure our security as well as the security of others, from any malicious intent.
  • We are unable provide a service for any kind of backup to your data.
  • The only type of access you have to your private user data is through our method, explained below in [Opting-out].
We believe you as an end user have a right to opt-out of our services at any time. That being said, we have a Policy Data Manger only in our Support Server that allows you to do just that! At any given time, you can simply press a button and you will no longer be able to use the bot until you accept our terms/policy again!
  • Upon opting-out of our services, any User ID's associated with user blacklists will not be removed to ensure the user still cannot do any harm.
Our Privacy Policy may be updated/changed at any time! You have the right to know what has been changed. Therefore, this page will be updated with a timestamp at the very bottom of this page as well as the header on this page. We will also publicly announce any changes of any Policy/Terms changes in our Support Server! We highly recommend you join to stay updated!