Blacklists a user in the server, from the bot. This may also be used by the developer to blacklist a user from the bot globally, if the user is found to break our Terms of Service!

  • Global: Can only be used by the developer! Used to blacklist users from the bot on a global basis! You can see the button and details only for your own knowledge.

  • Server: Can only be used by Administrators! Used to blacklist users from the bot in that server.

The Administrator must provide a reason for this action and it should not be petty (small). The reason should revolve around breaking server rules/TOS or the bots TOS.

To End-User: If you feel you have been subject to Admin abuse, please contact me at my email below or join our Discord server. We do not condone abuse of any kind! You may also DM me anytime! [ ! You will need proof of abuse ! ] Email: [email protected] Discord: https://discord.gg/tXwaKtNfk2 Developer: Speshul#2695

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