[ 11 ] Staff commands

These commands can only be used by server members with staff permissions. Some require higher permissions than others.

Send an embedded announcement message to a defined channel. You can also mention everyone as an option!

Set or remove user ban logging in the server

Ban a user from the server with optional reason. The user does not need to be in the server to ban them however, you will need to use the id option if they are not in the server.

Blacklists a user in the server, from the bot. This may also be used by the developer to blacklist a user from the bot globally, if the user is found to break our Terms of Service!

Edits the content of an existing announcement that was previously posted with /announce

Kicks a user from the server with optional reason

Include a specific user to only delete their messages in the channel

Set how the bot responds to users in the server! Options are "public" and "private"!

Steals an emoji from any server you have access to. Best for Nitro users!

You'll need the ID of the user, since user dropdown lists are for users inside the server!

Opens the verification manager with a selection menu. This command will allow a Server Administrator to set up the Verification System and send the Verification Panel for users to verify themselves!

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